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Aeternas was born from the belief that it is possible to have unique or almost unique miniatures, of high quality at affordable prices for everyone. In other words, we want to help all emerging painters to stand out during miniature shows or get noticed on social networks by painting pieces that already capture the attention of those who scroll through the feed.

To achieve this, we start from the basics, that is, we try to do everything possible in the research of concepts that range from non-traditional historical to extravagant fantasy, rather than classical art, making available both small editions and single pieces. We also use traditional sculpture, so apart from the care and love we put into every single detail, it is also possible to request small changes on the "production" pieces.

With over 10 years of experience in the miniature hobby world, Alessio Barilotti thinks and shapes most of our pieces.
With many awards at the miniature shows won and the many private commissions performed, we believe we can satisfy any type of hobbyist.

We love our small community of niche hobbyists who follow us on the twich / telegram channel, and together with them we have also found a way to collaborate on some of the projects on display on this site.

If you want to be part of the community too, send us an email or write us on our social channels, you will soon be contacted with all the info!

Let's grow together!

The advantages of our products

The safety on our miniatures is due to the fact that all of our Resin Cast models are manufactured in-house, die-cast using high quality polyurethane resin to give a perfectly detailed, edgy and smooth finish to provide the best canvas for painters' enjoyment. . We know that today's hobbyists expect and deserve a superior caliber model from which they can strive to excel in their craft.

We are collaborating with some of the leading miniature painters in the world to help us raise our level more and more, with the aim of reaching the top of the range, which other companies get on mass products, but on our small collections. , like rare jewels to add to your collection while keeping prices low. 

If you want to be one of our collaborators, click the upload button below to send us your opinions and photos of your works. As a matter of rights we can only showcase our products, but you will certainly be published in the section of the site that concerns you authors! the goal is always to encourage emerging painters to make themselves known!


What they say about us..

Nate L.


"Beautiful minis, even better than in photos .."

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